Susan Wyndham

Susan Wyndham

Turncastle London was founded by Susan Wyndham. Susan is an experienced interior designer, originally graduating from the Inchbald School of Design. After that she worked for Jean Monro, before joining Asprey Interiors as a senior designer. At Aspreys she worked on large international projects, as well as both private and commercial assignments in the U.K.

After Aspreys Susan started her own interior design business. She continued to work on private houses and apartments in the U.K., as well as commercial projects such as the Savoy Hotel, the Italian International Bank and Trinny London. Susan’s international work includes houses in Spain, the French Riviera, Switzerland and chalets throughout the Alps.

Susan Wyndham undertakes a wide range of interior design projects. She works on smaller schemes that focus on a few rooms, as well as complete houses and apartments. Clients benefit from her special style and approach in all circumstances.


Our Approach

Susan provides eclectic, elegant and timeless interiors, as well as great comfort. Her designs draw from local culture and influences, as well as the requirements of individual clients. She likes to use what clients already have, or to find appropriate existing items. Susan understands tradition, but combines this with a modern approach that benefits both her clients and our environment.